Volume Profile: The insider's guide to trading (Paperback)

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Volume Profile: The Insider's Guide to Trading was written to teach traders how to think and trade like Smart Money. Institutions are known for their ability to move and manipulate markets. By understanding their strategies, retail traders can improve their trading performance.

The book covers topics such as Volume Profile strategies, price action, finding the right trading instruments, market analysis, position management, money management, trading psychology, backtesting, and avoiding common trading mistakes. Trader Dale shares the exact rules and methods that he applies in his own trading, providing readers with practical and actionable steps they can take now to improve their trading.

Section 1: Volume Profile Trading Strategies - Learn about the concept of volume profile and its importance in identifying key market levels. Trader Dale shares examples of successful trades using this technique and discusses the role of market structure and liquidity in applying volume profile strategies effectively.

Section 2: Intraday Trading Strategies - Explore various intraday strategies such as scalping and swing trading, and gain insights into managing risk effectively. Dale delves into specific entry and exit criteria for these strategies, as well as the importance of specific types of adaptability in fast-paced market conditions.

Section 3: Swing Trading Strategies - Understand the nuances of swing trading and how it differs from other trading styles. The author provides his exact strategies for swing trading with volume profile as well as examples of successful swing trades, advice on spotting opportunities, and the importance of analyzing multiple timeframes to make well-informed decisions.

Section 4: Forex Trading Strategies - Discover different forex trading approaches, including trend following and range trading. Most importantly you'll learn the exact strategies Dale uses in these market conditions. You'll also learn risk management tips specific to these strategies that is crucial for success.

Section 5: Futures Trading Strategies - Learn how to apply Trader Dale's proprietary volume profile trading strategies to the futures market. The author offers examples of successful futures trades, guidance on identifying potential opportunities, and sheds light on the role of contract specifications and expiration dates in futures trading.

Section 6: Money Management Strategies - Implement efficient money management strategies Dale has time-tested over 14+ years of professional trading. Trader Dale emphasizes the importance of proper money management for long-term success, discussing position sizing, stop-loss placement, and profit-taking techniques.

Section 7: Accelerating Your Learning - Enhance your trading skills with tips on fast-tracking your learning. Read testimonials from traders who have successfully applied the author's strategies and gain insights into the value of continuous learning, self-assessment, and adapting to market changes.

Section 8: Bonus Video Content - Access exclusive video content on a secret webpage, featuring real intraday and swing trades with Trader Dale's commentary, as well as recordings of his Volume Profile webinars. These videos serve as a practical supplement to the book, allowing you to see the strategies in action and reinforcing key concepts.

Volume Profile: The Insider's Guide to Trading is a practical and informative resource for traders looking to master the world of trading. Trader Dale's expertise and experience are evident in his writing, making this book a worthwhile read for anyone serious about trading. Some prior knowledge of trading concepts is helpful, but the author's explanations make the book accessible to beginners and experienced traders alike.

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ISBN: 9781718067578
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Publication Date: August 9th, 2018
Pages: 198
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